Apple extends AirPods Pro warranty to fix crackling and static sound issue

Apple extends AirPods Pro warranty to fix crackling and static sound issue

Apple extends AirPods Pro warranty to fix crackling and static sound issue

Apple announced a service program back in October 2020 that addresses the static sound issue. Back then, the program covered brand new AirPods Pro wireless earbuds for two years. It seems that Apple heard of even more issues with its AirPods Pro devices, and it now decided to quietly extend it for longer.

Apple has quietly updated its support documentation that is posted online. Found by a Reddit user (via MacRumors), Apple added an “Additional Information” section which states that the AirPods Pro will be covered for three years after the first retail sale of the unit, which is up one year from the previous two years that was offered.

Those customers who purchased the AirPods Pro back in 2019, when the device launched will now be covered up until October 2022. Those who bought the device in 2020 before a repaired and improved version was released will be able to take advantage of the repair service until 2023.

  • The AirPods Pro had the following issues: crackling or static sounds that would increase as the user’s environment got louder. The issue also persisted while the person would work out or talk on the phone to someone. 
  • The other issue was with Active Nouse Cancellation (ANC), which wouldn’t work as expected. Audio would often lose the bass, and the background sounds would be much increased to an uncomfortable level, such as street sounds.

It’s great to see Apple take this issue more seriously, given we’re not talking about a cheap pair of earbuds. If you are someone with the above-stated issues, you can visit Apple directly or any Apple Authorized Service Provider, and you will be able to service your AirPods Pro devices for free of charge. Apple states that it will examine the device to ensure it qualifies for the service, and it will do tests to confirm the issue persists on each individual device; only then will it go ahead and do the repairs.

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