Crucial Functions to Look For In B2B Wholesale Platform!

Finding the best B2B wholesale platform?

While investing on B2B wholesale platform for your business, consider that your sales potential is heavily dependent on it. So, make the right choice. After all, a customer shopping experience will only be as good as the technology backing it.

To assist you navigate the right B2B wholesale platform, here are 4 crucial functions that you should consider:

Multi-Channel Data Syncing

Today’s customer is not into retail shopping much. Don’t expect them to buy from stores. Instead find what’s more common. Shoppers are active around various devices and channels. The truth is they are out there and knows everything before you even know. Like Amazon Business, you want to sell on different marketplaces, social channels, and phone. But, how a single platform can do it all!

Shopify Plus is one B2B wholesale platform that acts a hub that provides centralized control and manages selling demand from a single point. Shopify also provide tools like Launchpad and Live View that help provide real-time analytics across multiple channels. Through it, you can sync data on each channel with your store to never miss any information.

Mobile Optimization

Use of mobile devices is more common than desktop users. To every business, having a mobile friendly site is a direct route to success. But the next big thing is to make it a responsive website – optimized for better user experience. Is your payment processing method streamlined? Does your site offer a never-ending checkout process? Well, you need to look for a B2B wholesale platform that ensures truly mobile-optimized purchase and allow customers to shop within few taps.

Content Marketing

It’s nothing new. Many companies have been using it for decades like Coca-Cola as marketing campaign. Content still plays a major role in boosting leads along the sales channel. However, content marketing is not limited to blog posts, or nor to enhance page views. Make sure to look for B2B wholesale platform that has tools to enable content creation. Content marketing embodies in many forms like custom price catalogs, loyalty programs, demos and educational content.

Client Support Integration

A failure to response on time is a whole new ballgame. Ever wondered why live chat is more preferred over email and phone? Because, people get their answers in the shortest time possible. Messaging is nowadays very common and sees way better customer engagement than emails. So, make sure to look for B2B wholesale platform that facilitate client communication at scale. With live chat solutions and Shopify’s Facebook Messenger integration, you can answer back instantly.


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