Elements B2B Platforms are incomplete without

There was a time when a B2B wholesale platform was unheard of. Only Business-To-Consumer Companies invested in taking their offering online. Business-to-Business companies decided to stick with the good old methods.

However, the corporate landscape is changing. Now, investing in a quality B2b Ecommerce solution is not rare. Instead, you will find various B2B platform examples in the market.

What is b2b platform?

A b2b platform refers to a digital space which is used to conduct transactions online. Rather than talking to sales representatives, clients place orders via an online portal. The orders are then processed and tracked on the platform as well.

Among the various options in the market, Shopify B2B is considered to be the best B2B platform. This is because its features are tailored to suit the specific needs of B2b companies. It delivers order processing, custom pricing, and enhanced security.

It is best to conduct a B2B ecommerce platform comparison when choosing among the top B2B platforms. Some of the options worth considering include:

  • Shopify
  • InSite
  • BigCommerce
  • Magneto

Factors to Assess Upon

To conduct a quality platform comparison, assess each of the above platforms (and more, if you wish) based on the presence of the following must-have elements.

Deployment Model

Different platforms have different deployment model. The three most common models are Open Source, Out of the Box and Cloud Base. In open source, you purchase the license of using a platform but require your own developers to run it. In Out of the Box, the developers don’t need to be hired by you and instead and delivered by the company. In cloud-based solutions, a cloud vendor does it all for you, whether it be delivering enhanced security or integrating the platform with SAP.

Generally, cloud-based and out of the Box are preferred over Open Source. All four platforms mentioned above offer the two deployment models.

Need for Scalability

Just because your B2B company is only offering its service to one niche today, doesn’t mean that will always be the case. This is why it is important to see if the platform is scalable or not. Does it allow you to enter new international and local markets? Does it support different currencies and languages?

The more scalable it is, the better.


Understand the various elements of a B2B E-commerce platform. Weigh your options based on features that matter.


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