How to Sell More by Implementing B2B Ecommerce Solution

Why sales are so important?

For many online B2B startups, a sale is one of the most important success factors. Yet customer acquisition is one of the biggest challenges many B2B companies face.

B2B brands need B2B ecommerce solution as much as consumer needs products. But, what exactly the B2B platform is?

What is B2B platform and its examples?

B2B means businesses selling to other businesses. A B2B platform is an online place that contains number of web pages and key features to conduct sales process between businesses via online portal. For example, Medidata brings together pharma companies, investigators, clinical research organizations and their patients for clinical trials.

Why businesses need a B2B ecommerce solution?

Online selling to business requires a more effective system than traditional ways. B2B companies need a solution that has ability to collaborate with existing sales and customer service teams. They want the same level of customization for each of their customers and ability to seamlessly operate with existing business systems.

Key features that make a powerful B2B ecommerce solution

  • Segmentation with customer groups and profiles
  • Customer-specific catalog and pricing
  • Volume purchase and bulk discounts
  • Restricted access
  • Minimum order quantity
  • Ability to reorder previously purchased products
  • Tax exemption status
  • Wholesale bulk order form
  • Flexible payment options

How to choose the best B2B platform for your business?

Let’s face it. Every business has its own goals, processes and strategies. When looking for a B2B ecommerce solution, you need to see the requirements of your business – as they will also be unique. Choose the one that suits your business needs whilst increasing sales, reducing overheads, and streamline the processes.

Tactics to borrow from B2C

A single-page checkout is mainly used by B2C sites. This basically helps to reduce abandonment rates and hence improve conversion rates. Well, B2B businesses can easily borrow this tactic of a simplified checkout. Eliminate complex steps and make the purchase process simple and easy for customers.

Moreover, adopt sharing more content as many retail sites do. B2C sites share content via product videos, multiple product images and customer reviews. So, you can easily borrow this tactic of including content in your B2B sites. Through it, buyer will know what they’re buying. It becomes easy for buyer to validate that they’re getting the right product. Clear information also helps build trust of your brand.


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