Report says AirPods are now out while wired earphones are now in!

Report says AirPods are now out while wired earphones are now in!

Report says AirPods are now out while wired earphones are now in!

Apparently, the rich, the famous, and the influencers have decided to stop using wireless earbuds such as Apple’s AirPods and have given wired earbuds another chance. As Mashable reports, the Olsen twins have been snapped wearing old-school earphones instead of the wireless AirPods. 24-year old Shelby Hull, creator of the Instagram account @wireditgirls, told Mashable, “Wired is an attitude. It is the way you carry yourself and move about the world.”

Wired earphones have become a status symbol to some

Referencing TikTok star, actor, and model Lily Rose Depp, Hull says, “She’s very put together, but it’s like, ‘How did I end up in this designer outfit looking so cool and put together? It just kind of fell into place. Wired headphones kind of say that, too. It’s like oh, ‘I put no thought into this, I can’t be bothered right now.'” Other TikTok users praised Depp’s return to wired earphones.

On TikTok, @almondbutterchaos’s clip is captioned “why am I falling back in love with wire earphones” while a story published in Vogue back in 2019 said that model Bella Hadid was bringing back wired earphones. Hull got the idea to create the @wireditgirls TikTok account from a tweet disseminated by Satenstein who wrote, “some idiot/genius, please make a page of just hot girls wearing wired headphones.” Shelby wrote, “I was on my way back from a CycleBar class, and I had five photos pop up in my head of Zoe Kravitz and Lily Rose Depp wearing wired headphones. So I made the page and started posting that morning.”

Hull said that AirPods always lacked “the cool-girl factor.” She says that wired earphones are cool. “I love the signal they send,” she states, adding that “It’s like, ‘Please don’t speak to me, I’m too busy.’ AirPods don’t really say that. I’ll still talk to someone if I see their AirPods in, but when you have just a wire in, it’s clear: ‘Don’t approach me.’ I think that’s the perfect accessory.”
In what might be bad news for Apple, it appears that wired earphones are becoming hot in high school. 14-year-old Lilabel Kierstead, a student from Western Massachusetts, says, “If you want to have a good sense of style or be indie, then you might use wired headphones.” And wired earphones are also a better choice for those who can’t afford the pricey true wireless stereo Bluetooth earbuds. A TikTok subscriber with the name Torie Tagliavia wrote, “good thing these headphones are trendy because i can’t afford air pods.”

AirPods are a bad look in some countries

In some areas of the world, wearing AirPods is a bad look. TikTok subscriber Ruby Sutton said that she gave up her AirPods in 2019 while studying abroad in France. Why? Sutton states that “I started using wired earphones again during study abroad because, in France, AirPods were a really bad look.” A person wearing wired earphones is not worried about looking as though they are not connected to modern technology.

Apple first released the AirPods in 2016 the same year it first removed the 3.5mm earphone jack from the iPhone 7. Apple now has three in-ear AirPods models that run from good, to better, to best. The second-generation model is the basic version priced at $129, and the third-generation AirPods 3 is better, offered at $179. This model has a shorter stem, longer battery life, and enhanced audio. But if you want the best in-ear AirPods model with Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode, the AirPods Pro is the way to go.

The AirPods Pro is priced at $249 and has a shorter stem. It also features customizable bud tips that deliver a tighter fit helping to keep unwanted background noise from being heard by the user. It is way too early for Apple to start writing the obituary of the AirPods and we’re sure that the company has not given up on the product that remains the top true wireless stereo earbuds in the world.

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